FDP survey on environmental and climate policy - response

FDP survey on environmental and climate policy – good response rate

18.06.2019 | Urs Bieri

The Swiss FDP hired gfs.bern to carry out a broad base survey. The objective of the FDP survey: to find out what its own members think about environmental and climate policy.

The FDP invited 120,000 of its members to participate in a survey. All participants were asked about their opinion on environmental topics and policies in detail. Of those invited, around 14,000 took the survey, a rate of 12% of valid member addresses. The survey was carried out by gfs.bern on behalf of the FDP.The Liberals Switzerland.

It was the first base survey of its magnitude in Switzerland, and the number of participants was remarkable in consideration of that fact. After all, completing the sophisticated survey took around 30 minutes.

The responses provided a useful insight into the attitudes of the FDP’s party base. Extensive feedback allowed us to derive high-quality statistical results. Above all else, however, the results provided the party with information on their members’ and sympathisers’ attitudes to climate-related issues.

The FDP wants to develop policies based on broad popular support. To this end, it has invited all members and sympathisers who can be contacted by post to participate in its survey. The results show that both proponents and opponents took part, which further emphasises the strong signalling effect of the survey.

Greater commitment to the climate

The survey results show that the majority of participants wants the FDP to increase its commitment to environmental and climate protection policies. They voted, for instance, in favour of a CO2 steering tax on fuels. A similar tax on aeroplane tickets was met with equally high support: 73% of respondents voted in favour of it.

The survey gave the party members and sympathisers an opportunity to express their general opinion on bans and stricter regulations. It then queried their attitudes on a host of specific topics related to the climate and environment. The FDP plans to use the results for developing a comprehensive, liberal policy on those issues.

Basic parameters of the survey

The survey was carried out between 1 and 23 April 2019. All data was collected through an online questionnaire. The sampling procedure took place based on voluntary participation (a survey protected with an access code).