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We support your strategic communication. With surveys, campaigns, reputation analyses, issue monitoring services and media analyses. In short: the full spectrum of market and opinion research methods.

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27.05.2021 | Publications

Educational Transition Barometer 2021

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

The Educational Transition Barometer investigates the situation of young people transitioning to upper secondary education and the situation of companies that provide apprenticeships.

It is conducted in spring and summer. It provides a timely insight into any specific challenges faced by the Federal Government, the cantons and the economy.

Cockpit and report first wave (available in German, Italian and French)

Our customised market and opinion research services

We specialise in highly topical analyses, surveys and data models. Using a wide range of methods and skills, we build customised solutions that are tailored to overcome your specific challenges. The knowledge is ours. The choice is yours.

Strategische Kommunikation: Campaigning mit gfs.bern.


Our campaigns raise awareness and support for political causes among the general public. We carry out campaign analyses to determine which arguments, stereotypes and everyday experiences are most suitable for communicating your goals.

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Issue monitoring

Knowing what the public thinks about a political issue helps you shape the discussion at the right time and with the right arguments. Our issue monitoring services are an indispensable asset.

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Reputation analyses

We use our own in-house tools to measure and analyse our clients’ image and reputation. The resulting reports help companies, associations and parties to sway public opinion in their favour by means of effective communication.

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Stakeholder management

The success of any project rests on those working on it. Our trusted methods of stakeholder management allows us to identify their interests. They reveal both positive and negative influences on the project.

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Media analysis

Our reports show you how the media are portraying your organisation and its concerns to the public. They provide you with a clear overview of under-reported and high-profile topics.

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