Data Science by gfs.bern

We reveal political and societal contexts on the basis of hypotheses and dialogue

Data science by gfs.bern combines our two core competencies: empirical and evidence-based social research with systematic and process-oriented dialogue. This results in forecasts, probabilities and scenarios that help our clients better understand societal, political or economic questions and draw the appropriate conclusions from the data.

“Data science is part of our daily routine, something we have specialized in for over 60 years. As we combine data science with surveys, we often get better responses on societal and political issues. And it is precisely here that the advantage of data science by gfs.bern lies: because we have lots of experience in evidence-based social research, we know how and when we need to combine surveys with data science.”
Urs Bieri – Co-directeur et président du conseil d’administration gfs.bern

Our data science expertise

Data science by gfs.bern is based on both hypotheses and dialogue. Hypotheses because we first consider possible questions, contexts and potential consequences and then use data science to establish whether the assumptions made are correct. And dialogue because we come into contact with people, organizations and stakeholders and can systematically ascertain their needs in this way. People, organizations and stakeholders listen to gfs.bern and are prepared to enter into a dialogue with us as we have shown not only that we determine, condense and formulate opinions, but that we also make these opinions heard.

For data science by gfs.bern we employ a wide variety of methods and skills based on more than 60 years of experience in empirical social research. We know how statistics, modelling, probabilities and projections work. Together with our clients, we pose the right questions that enable us to work on the basis of hypotheses. Once the results are obtained, we process them to render them transparent and comprehensible.

By linking new CATI, online and/or panel data with the wealth of data in our data warehouse, we create the basis for providing our clients with optimum decision-making aids. Whether user models/personas, canvassing tools, market segmentation, competitor analyses or other products from our broad portfolio; the focus of the analysis process is always on the subject of interest to our client. To this end we fall back on established methods and on the descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

“Data is always a part of or projects. Our empirically robust results allow our customers to confirm, to correct or to completely change their opinions. In either case, our data help our customers to adjust their strategy and products accordingly to the real-world situation.”
Cloé Jans - Operations Manager and Media Spokeswoman gfs.bern

Advantages of data science by gfs.bern

We analyse data and draw up forecasts and probabilities for our clients. For this we use scientifically established methods to extract samples from different data sources. In particular, we combine our own survey data with structure data at the level of the political communes, districts or cantons or with behavioural data from the internet. The advantage for you is that our specific expertise enables us to prepare conclusive decisions for you from your data.

Data science enables us. For example, to provide sound and meaningful projections of referendum and election results. Our expertise in the proper use of data feeds into many of our products, publications and solutions. Data science helps our clients better understand their societal, political or economic problems because we provide concrete and comprehensible forecasts and probabilities.

“When it comes to projections, we started early on to develop data science through the combination of survey data with structure data, making it one of our core competencies. By obtaining answers in a targeted way from various data sets and sources, we can deliver an even better and more accurate basis for decision making.”
Aaron Venetz - Research Associate and Data Scientist gfs.bern