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How's Switzerland?

gfs.bern on behalf of SRG SSR

A nationwide survey by gfs.bern shows: The majority of Swiss citizens are satisfied with their own lives, even if not completely and unconditionally. Satisfaction with private life is higher, while professional life leads to less satisfaction. … Continue reading


gfs.bern in flow

Lukas Golder, gfs.bern

With more than six decades of experience in political, social and economic opinion research, we are a pioneering player in the field of opinion research. Our insights into opinion formation in Switzerland and in direct democratic … Continue reading


Eine Einbettung der Abstimmungsvorlagen vom 18. Juni 2023

Martina Mousson, gfs.bern

Die Schweiz stimmt zum letzten Mal in der laufenden Legislatur ab. Im Hintergrundbericht zur 1. SRG-Trendumfrage liefern wir die zentralen Informationen zu den Vorlagen der Abstimmung vom 18. Juni 2023, zum Abstimmungskampf und der politischen Grosswetterlage … Continue reading

23.11.2022 | Barometer

Worry Barometer 2022

on behalf of Credit Suisse

The environment is now the top concern of the Swiss population. The topics of AHV/ old-age provision and energy follow in second and third place, while the pandemic is no longer among the ten most important … Continue reading

24.09.2022 | Data Science

Who represents security concerns in the Federal Parliament?

gfs.bern im Auftrag von Allianz Sicherheit

On behalf of Allianz Sicherheit, the gfs.bern research institute conducted an analysis of parliamentarians. Of primary interest was how well the individual parliamentarians represent security interests. Security is a concept that is difficult to grasp, as … Continue reading

14.07.2022 | Survey

Wage survey among members of the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association

gfs.bern on behalt of the Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association (ASTAG)

The member survey showed that association members are most often employed in construction logistics, Swiss general cargo, part-load and full-load transport, and industrial and construction site waste transport. The two types of drivers with the highest … Continue reading

17.05.2022 | Survey

EU citizens want a say on fundamental issues

Urs Bieri, gfs.bern

A Europe-wide survey by gfs.bern shows that EU citizens would have voted in favour of an expansion of Frontex following a campaign backed up by sound arguments. This result reveals a content-based decision-making maturity comparable with … Continue reading

28.04.2022 | Barometer

Physiotherapy Barometer

gfs.bern on behalf of Physioswiss

On behalf of Physioswiss, the Swiss physiotherapy association, we conducted a survey in 2021 on what Switzerland’s population thinks about physiotherapy. … Continue reading

15.12.2021 | Survey

Swiss economic policy moves young Swiss people.

Tobias Keller, gfs.bern

What do young Swiss people think about Swiss economic policy?  Together with the newly founded Institute for Swiss Economic Policy (IWP) at the University of Lucerne, we took the pulse of 16 to 30-year-old Swiss citizens.  … Continue reading

25.11.2021 | Barometer

Worry Barometer 2021: in the second phase of the pandemic

gfs.bern on behalf of Credit Suisse

The country’s greatest challenges in the eyes of Swiss voters are currently the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences, environmental protection and climate change, and old-age pensions.  The proportion of people who rank either climate, coronavirus or … Continue reading

30.09.2021 | Monitor

Monitor Nutrition and Exercise 2021

gfs.bern on behalf of Informationsgruppe Erfrischungsgetränke

The measures that applied during the survey period in the fight against the pandemic got Swiss voters thinking: their interest in and awareness of the importance of nutrition and exercise is increasing.  Consumers should continue to … Continue reading

24.06.2021 | Monitor

Pharmacy Monitor 2021 on behalf of PharmaSuisse

gfs.bern on behalf of PharmaSuisse

Since 2014, gfs.bern has been studying the following issues on behalf of pharmaSuisse: perception of the role of pharmacies; interests in pharmacy offers and services; and analysis of issues associated with pharmacies. For the representative study, … Continue reading

10.06.2021 | Monitor

Monitor study "Healthcare in Switzerland 2021"

gfs.bern on behalf of Interpharma

The healthcare system has withstood the test of the current pandemic – albeit not completely. For example, there is a demand for faster access to novel medicines. The one-sided focus on cost issues – which has … Continue reading