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01.10.2019 | News

The new politicisation of the young

Cloé Jans

Youth culture has been an apolitical sphere for several generations, but Gen Z have been hitting the streets again. What happened? Are our young people becoming politicised? Continue reading

18.06.2019 | News

Vote on STAF: the return of the compromise?

Claude Longchamp

Less than seven hours after voting closed in the Swiss federal elections on 19 May 2019, the gfs.bern research institute produced the first post-referendum analysis using a survey as a basis. The SRF current affairs show Tagesschau covered the study. Following the STAF survey, we are investigating the future of the OASI system. Continue reading

18.06.2019 | News

Climate survey: a resounding ‘yes’ for sustainability

Claude Longchamp

According to the latest climate survey, 70% of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 in German-speaking Switzerland approve or strongly approve of other young people taking to the streets to demonstrate for a change in climate policies. 47% view the Swedish strike activist Greta Thunberg as a role model. Continue reading

07.03.2018 | News

Topic modelling as a strategic campaigning tool

Topic modelling is a qualitative and quantitative method of identifying structures in texts. It is an increasingly common part of the campaign monitoring process. The applicability of topic modelling exemplified by the third corporate tax reform. Continue reading