Mobilizes people for political or social objectives. To mobilize people you need to know about them.

We provide our clients with the empirical basis for their political or societal objectives. We study whether the significance of the concern in question is understood, whether its importance is recognized and whether anyone is prepared to mobilize. We study the target groups in depth so we can identify suitable and appropriate personas. The result often forms the basis  for a campaigning strategy that encompasses everything in order to achieve the desired mobilization in dialogue with stakeholders. We identify the stakeholders, ambassadors and success factors.


Successful campaigning go beyond the boundaries of traditional campaigning, which is focused on mass media. Eye-catching messages are no longer enough to mobilize people today. Mobilized people become carriers of the message and a part of campaigning. Campaigning uses all the digital media at their disposal.

"Campaigning mobilizes people for politics and our democracy. It reinforces them in influencing society not only with a Yes or No vote, but also with constructive content and genuine engagement."
Lukas Golder - Co-director and President of the Administrative Board gfs.bern

Why campaigning?

Because eye-catching messages alone do not bring about impact-oriented change processes we help you to mobilize your stakeholders and make them your ambassadors.


To help ensure your political or societal change process is a success, we define the context relevant to your goal, the stakeholders, the opportunities for forming alliances and also important factors around political monitoring, lobbying and agenda pushing.

"Campaigners are generalists with a keen instinct for networks and the needs of people."
Urs Bieri - Co-directeur et président du conseil d’administration gfs.bern

Which clients buy campaigning?

Mobilization works and the advantages of campaigning are acknowledged in broad sections of society.

“The advantages and possibilities of campaigning can best be illustrated by the Responsible Business Initiative on the one hand and the Pesticides and Drinking Water Initiative on the other. With the Responsible Business Initiative, the stakeholders were brought on board from the outset and made ambassadors of the initiative. While the initiative foundered on the cantonal majority, it can nevertheless be seen as one of the most successful regulatory initiatives. The campaigning against the Pesticides and Drinking Water Initiative led to a record turn-out in rural areas.”
Lukas Golder - Co-director and President of the Administrative Board gfs.bern

More and more companies are becoming interested in campaigning, as they are exposed to constant change processes. Change management was yesterday, change process is today. In this world of constant flux, not only employees and stakeholders, but also all those involved become part of the process, so that changes are broadly accepted and implemented fast enough.

gfs.bern competency in campaigning

Our competencies for your campaign success:

  • Huge expertise in empirical social research and data science
  • Decades-long experience in (political) opinion formation – also on complex issues
  • We make sure that implementation on the actionist path corresponds to the desired path
  • We provide the basis for decision making and accompany the change process
  • Our campaigning services are: determining the relevant stakeholder groups and conducting surveys in these groups to establish their sense, values, goals and needs. We support  the campaigning with media analyses (offline and online) and data analyses, keep a constant check on the state of opinion and feed this status back into campaigning activities.
  • Trustworthy and reliable handling of data – because we use the data only for preparing the best possible decision. We thus ensure that data privacy requirements are met.

gfs.bern campaigning

  • We support associations, interest groups, political parties and committees in the planning of initiatives and referendums.
  • We help in the planning and evaluation of public campaigns, (offline), advertising and digital campaigns.
  • We support the SRG / SRR in the establishment of the Swiss streaming portal Play Suisse. For this we conduct regular surveys and determine how satisfied users are with the offer of user friendliness, the translations etc.