2nd SRG trend survey on the federal vote of 3 March 2024

21.02.2024 | Martina Mousson, GFS Bern

Voter turnout 52% | 1x Yes; 1x No

If the vote had been held on 10 February 2024, the initiative for a 13th AHV pension would have been accepted and the pension initiative would have been rejected by the electorate.

In the phase before the final mobilisation, the conflict patterns are recognisable and the state of opinion-forming on both proposals is advanced: Language, age and values are becoming more important in the vote on the 13th AHV pension. The pension initiative is still only supported by a majority of FDP voters.  At 52 per cent, voter turnout would have been above the long-term average.

Overview voting intentions

In addition to the detailed results, the cockpit linked here contains background information on the proposals, the theory and the method of the SRG trend survey.

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Martina Mousson

Martina Mousson

Project Manager