Our bespoke services for market and opinion research

If you are looking for answers to a societal, political or economic question, then you have come to exactly the right place. We specialize in analyses, surveys and data models.

We are seen as leading the way with our findings on opinion forming trends in Switzerland and in direct democratic processes.

We apply a wide variety of methods for data gathering: representative surveys, specific target group surveys, focus groups, qualitative in-depth interviews, planning and accompanying studies for campaigning, data modelling, regional analyses and media analyses. They form the basis for a fitting and targeted solution for the answers to your societal, political or economic question.



Election and voting research

We understand how people form a decision in direct democratic decisions and how referendums and elections are decided.

Trend analyses
On behalf of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG / SRR) we conduct two surveys in each case among a representatively selected cross-section of the Swiss voting population. The results are published by the SRG / SRR as SRG-Trendumfrage (SRG trend survey).

Election analyses
In election analyses, we support parties and candidates in the election campaign with our expertise and experience. For this we use our gfs.bern election model, which is focused on campaigning.

Follow-up surveys
On behalf of Switzerland’s Federal Chancellery, we have studied all voting decisions at national level since 1977. Follow-up surveys after each federal referendum form the basis of this analysis and help to understand the motives of voters in voting Yes or No at the ballot box.

Election and voting research

Data science by gfs.bern

One of our core skills lies in the proper use of data so as to provide target-oriented analysis and draw the appropriate conclusions from the results.

We analyse data and draw up forecasts and probabilities for our clients. For this we use scientifically established methods to extract samples from different data sources.

In particular, we combine our own survey data with structure data at the level of the political communes, districts or cantons or with behavioural data from the internet. The advantage for you is that our specific expertise enables us to prepare conclusive decisions for you from your data.

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gfs.bern specializes in representative surveys and data analysis.

We conduct surveys for companies and for political parties and associations, cantons and NGOs. We have assisted many of our clients for years with analyses or campaigning and support them in their strategic communications. They appreciate our proven expertise in the conception, organization, conduct and analysis of surveys, as well as our huge experience in dealing with the media.

On behalf of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG/SRR), for example, we conduct trend surveys on federal referendums, as well as follow-up analyses. We regularly compile the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer, the TCS Travel Barometer, the Health Monitor for Interpharma and the Banking Barometer of the Swiss Bankers Association.

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Reputation and image analyses

On behalf of our clients, we determine their position and acceptance in the general public.

Knowledge about the position of a company, an association or a political party in the public eye allows us to find out how we can consolidate, influence or change the existing position in the interests of the client.
For reputation and image analyses, we use many of our own in-house developed methods: Data Science by gfs.bern, methods for market and opinion research, benchmarking, media analyses and social media analyses to identify critical issues as well as qualitative in-depth interviews.

Reputation analyses

Impact analysis and evaluation

We study the How and Why of societal changes.

Impacts are changes in society that occur as a consequence of political or societal decisions, bills, bills, changes in the law or referendums.

gfs.bern impact analyses and evaluations help us to understand our clients, which people the various activities, measures and communications have reached and which of them have changed their attitudes or skills, their actions or their situation.

Qualitative and quantitative data form the basis of impact analyses and evaluations. In the case of existing data, we use our data science expertise for impact analyses and evaluations. If no data or insufficient data is available, we obtain this using our pin-point methods for market and opinion research.

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Issue monitoring and strategy studies

Knowing what people think about a political or social issue and how to be successful as an actor in this context.

We study political, economic or social issues for our clients with the aim of establishing what society, a specific client group or a group of influencers and stakeholders defined for this question thinks about the issue in question.

To this end, we enter into dialogue with people and systematically determine what their needs are. The value of such studies increases if they are repeated at regular intervals, because it enables us also to draw conclusions about changes that occur over time. Some of our monitor studies have been conducted since the 1970s.

Examples of issue monitoring are the Credit Suisse Worry Barometer, the TCS Travel Barometer and the Banking Barometer of the Swiss Bankers Association.

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To mobilize people to support political or societal objectives, you need to know their position, values and desires.

This is exactly where gfs.bern Campaigning comes in: we provide arguments, stereotypes or everyday experiences.

We assess whether the significance of the objective is understood, whether its importance is recognized and whether someone is willing to be mobilized. The result often forms the basis for a comprehensive campaigning strategy that covers everything needed to achieve the desired mobilization in dialogue with stakeholders. We identify the stakeholders, ambassadors and success factors.

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Over 60 years of expertise in political and communications research

gfs.bern stands for political and communications research.

A further key aspect of our work lies in the accompaniment of strategic, evidence-based communication. Our clients include political parties, associations, private-sector companies, cities and municipalities, cantons, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG/SRR) and also civil society organizations. Our services cover all kinds of market and opinion research, such as surveys, data science, evaluations, analyses around referendums and campaigning, as well as campaign analyses, issue monitoring or image and reputation analysis for the optimization of communication strategies.