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If you are after successful strategic communication, we have what you need.

What you need is unique. As are our solutions. From surveys and analyses to communication controls, we know what matters. You also benefit from our far-reaching experience in public relations and media work. Please get in touch for a consultation on the best services and tools for your purpose.


Our campaigns raise awareness and support for political causes among the general public. We carry out campaign analyses to determine which arguments, stereotypes and everyday experiences are most suitable for communicating your goals.

A deciding factor in the success of any campaign and especially a referendum campaign is the fact that all communication resources and tools must be coordinated perfectly. Our analyses provide the score for a perfectly orchestrated campaign. Campaign managers benefit from our globally unmatched experience and expertise in the field of ballots and referendums.

Strategische Kommunikation: Campaigning mit gfs.bern.


  • Representative telephone and online surveys through ‘Polittrends’, our own online panel
  • Probability models for forecasting the outcomes of referendums (taking into account geographic differences down to the level of local authorities and even individual streets)
  • Incorporation of modern campaigning tools, such as D2D canvassing
  • Community management tools
  • Focus groups

Issue monitoring

Knowing what the public thinks about a political issue helps you shape the discussion at the right time and with the right arguments. With our issue monitoring service, you can find out.

If an organisation wishes to have an impact on a debate, it first needs to position itself as a visible participant in the discourse. Issue monitoring helps you do that. It provides you with a reliable insight into public opinions about specific topics. By publishing the results in a well-considered format, you can position yourself as a useful contact and an authority on the topic. The publication will stimulate discussion and provide arguments.


  • Representative online surveys in ‘Polittrends’, our own online panel, face-to-face surveys, telephone surveys, combined methods that reach all segments of the population
  • Media analyses (traditional media, social media, topic analyses)
  • Media presentation and thematic media work, presentations during meetings and events involving parliamentarians and stakeholders

Reputation analyses

A reputation analysis provides valuable insights into your own position on the market and among the public and key stakeholder groups.

We use our own in-house tools to measure and analyse our clients’ image and reputation. This helps companies, associations and parties to sway public opinion enduringly in their favour by means of effective communication. Our analyses take online content, media reports, social media contributions and public opinion into account.


  • Representative surveys (‘Polittrends’ online panel, telephone survey conducted among the general population or your own interest groups)
  • Benchmarking
  • Media analyses (traditional media, social media, topic analyses)

Stakeholder management

The success of any project rests on the people involved. We help you ensure that as many of them as possible pull together – and in the right direction.

Our well-established stakeholder management methods allow us to identify the interests of those people and groups who can make or break your project. And you get to coordinate your communication measures, resources and project marketing with the greatest possible efficiency.


  • Representative surveys (‘Polittrends’ online panel, telephone survey conducted among the general population or your own interest groups)
  • Monitoring and impact assessments in Parliament
  • Focus groups and qualitative interviews
  • Media analyses (traditional media, social media, topic analyses)

Media analysis

Quantitative and qualitative media analysis tells you how your concerns, your company or your organisation are depicted in the media and whether the coverage is positive or negative.

Our reports provide you with a clear overview of under-reported and high-profile topics. They also give you an insight into the efficacy of your communication, marketing and social media measures.


  • Text and topic analyses
  • Qualitative content analysis
  • Press and social media analyses