How is Switzerland? Economy and economic inequality

21.12.2023 | Urs Bieri, GFS Bern

New results of the population survey “How is Switzerland?” commissioned by SRG-SSR and its sub-units (SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and Swissinfo) show what the Swiss population thinks about the economy and economic inequality.


Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

The Swiss population assumes that the economic situation will remain the same in the coming years, but if there is a change, they expect it to deteriorate rather than improve. There is a very critical attitude towards the Swiss economy, for example due to its profit orientation and increasing job requirements. Nevertheless, the potential to solve problems is recognized and no harsh criticism of the system is expressed. The prosperity gap in Switzerland is judged by a clear majority to be too great and great importance is attached to personal responsibility, although the majority deny that it is possible to escape poverty in Switzerland with enough commitment.

The final report with further results can be downloaded here.

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Urs Bieri

Urs Bieri