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14.01.2020 | Publications

Credit Suisse Progress Barometer 2020

Credit Suisse Switzerland

The Credit Suisse Progress Barometer measures the desire of voters to accelerate or reverse the pace of progress in their respective countries. The readiness for progress is measured in the three key areas of politics, society and the economy. The Barometer adopts an international focus and measures public opinion in Switzerland as well as in 15 other countries all around the world.

Cockpit with summary of global perspective incl. links to country portraits (in German, English, French and Italian)

final report (in German)


20.12.2019 | Publications

Vorabstimmungsanalyse zur eidg. Abstimmung vom 9. Februar 2020


Wäre bereits am 8. Dezember 2019 über die eidgenössischen Volksabstimmungen vom 9. Februar 2020 entschieden worden, wären die Mietwohnungs-Initiative wie auch das Anti-Diskriminierungs-Gesetz deutlich angenommen worden. Die Stimmbeteiligung hätte bei unterdurchschnittlichen 40 Prozent gelegen.

Kurzbericht und Hintergrundbericht

Informationen zu den Vorlagen und zum Abstimmungskampf

17.10.2019 | Publications

Educational Transition Barometer 2019

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

The Educational Transition Barometer investigates the situation of young people transitioning to upper secondary education and the situation of companies that provide apprenticeships. It is conducted in spring and summer. It provides a timely insight into any specific challenges faced by the Federal Government, the cantons and the economy.

Cockpit second wave (in German, Italian and French available)

10.10.2019 | Publications

Credit Suisse Europe Barometer 2019

Credit Suisse

As a collaboration between Credit Suisse and the Europa Forum Lucerne, a special publication focusing on Europe is being published for the third time. The aim of the Europe Barometer is to gain insights into Switzerland and its relationship to Europe from the perspective of voters.

The final report in German can be found here.

01.10.2019 | Publications

Planning study on the organ donation initiative ‘Organspende fördern – Leben retten’


On behalf of swisstransplant, gfs.bern has analysed the formation of public opinion about the organ donation initiative. The majority of Swiss people is in favour of finding active solutions that increase the number of organ donors. While this gives the initiative an initial advantage, it does not by any means secure its outcome: the urgency of the issue is perceived to be relatively low, and voters attach enormous importance to self-determination.

Brief report and final report

11.09.2019 | Publications

Nutrition and Exercise Monitor 2019

Information group: soft drinks

In 2019, we carried out our ‘Nutrition and Exercise Monitor’ survey for the sixth year running. Its objective is to monitor voters’ attitudes towards health, nutrition and exercise over time. It focuses on society’s views about concerns relating to nutrition, upcoming political issues and the expectations placed on politicians and industry players.

Cockpit and final report

17.07.2019 | Publications

Post-referendum analysis: vote on the Energy Act in the canton of Bern

State Council of the Canton of Bern

On 10 February 2019, the voters of the canton of Bern rejected a reform of the Cantonal Energy Act by a very small margin of 50.6% against 49.4% in favour (voter turnout: 37.9%). The present post-referendum analysis aimed to determine who voted for or against the proposal and for what reasons. Voters were also asked what impact they believed the outcome would have.

Final report

19.06.2019 | Publications

Health Monitor 2019


The Health Monitor is a reliable system for gaining insights into Swiss voters’ attitudes towards the country’s healthcare system. It is based on an annual survey, conducted among around 1,200 representatively selected voters since 1997.

Brief report

04.06.2019 | Publications

Post-referendum analysis: merger of Basel hospitals

Department of Healthcare of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

On 10 February 2019, the voters of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft voted on the proposed merger of the cantonal hospitals and the switch of their organisational structure to a public limited company. Voters in Basel-Stadt rejected the proposal with a majority of 56%.

Final report

28.05.2019 | Publications

Economic success factors 2019

Alliance Economie-Politique and economiesuisse

On behalf of Alliance Economie-Politique and economiesuisse, gfs.bern has carried out another survey on the topic of European policy among companies based in Switzerland. The aim of the study is to reveal the needs and beliefs of Swiss companies regarding the politics of the European Union. In 2019, we focused on the institutional framework agreement.

Brief report

27.05.2019 | Publications

Bank Monitor 2019

Swiss Bankers’ Association

gfs.bern conducted the ‘Bank Monitor’ survey, which has been conducted regularly since 2002, on behalf of the Swiss Bankers’ Association for the first time in 2019. On top of the public perception of Swiss banks and the formation of public opinion about Switzerland as a financial centre, the 2019 survey focused on pensions. Its results are based on a representative survey conducted among 1,000 voters from all over Switzerland.

Final report

21.05.2019 | Publications

Sexual harassment and sexual violence towards women in Switzerland

Amnesty International Switzerland

Sexual harassment and sexual violence towards women are widespread in Switzerland. That is the result of a survey we conducted among 4,000 women aged 16 and above in Switzerland. The perception of this issue as nationwide problem was clearly derived from the participants’ own experiences or those of people in their close social circle. Nearly half of all women aged 16 and above in Switzerland know other women who have been victims of sexual assault. More than one in five survey participants has personally experienced sexual assault.

Cockpit and final report

17.05.2019 | Publications

Pharmacy Monitor 2019


The public is increasingly aware of the various services offered by pharmacies. Public interest is on the rise. Pharmacies are considered easily available, uncomplicated ports of call that offer expert advice. They are well-trusted by voters across Switzerland. Despite this positive attitude, fewer people consulted their local pharmacy for mild health conditions this year. This is partially due to the ever-growing online market and resulting changes in consumer behaviour.

The 2019 Pharmacy Monitor focuses on the public perception of the role played by pharmacies, the trust placed in them, the quality of services provided, and the services that are on offer. It also analyses the issues associated with pharmacies.

08.05.2019 | Publications

Preliminary analysis of the Swiss referendum on 19 May 2019

Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG/SSR)

If the referendum held on 19 May 2019 had been conducted on 27 April 2019, both proposals would have passed: the new EU Firearms Directive with a clear majority, the tax and OASI proposal with a relatively clear majority. Voter turnout would have reached 45%.

Background report and brief report

Information about the proposals and campaign

07.05.2019 | Publications

Educational Transition Barometer 2019

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

The Educational Transition Barometer investigates the situation of young people transitioning to upper secondary education and the situation of companies that provide apprenticeships. It is conducted in spring and summer. It provides a timely insight into any specific challenges faced by the Federal Government, the cantons and the economy.

Cockpit and final report: first round

29.04.2019 | Publications

Survey on climate and environmental policy among FDP members

FDP.The Liberals

FDP.The Liberals hired the gfs.bern research institute to carry out a survey of its members. The study was conducted from 1 until 23 April 2019 in the form of an online questionnaire with a postal invitation letter. It queried the party members’ perception and assessment of individual environmental and climate protection measures and their efficacy, as well as their evaluation of specific strategies for a range of political issues.

Final report

25.04.2019 | Publications

TCS Travel Barometer 2019

Touring Club Schweiz

The population of Switzerland seems to agree on its favourite holiday destinations: the closer, the better. Valais and Grisons in particular have become increasingly attractive to domestic holidaymakers over the course of the past three years.

Other countries in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal) and overseas, i.e. the Americas (the USA, the Caribbean), Asia (Thailand) and Africa (South Africa), are rated as fairly attractive holiday destinations.

Swiss travellers are least interested in travelling to culturally Islamic regions, such as Egypt, the UAE and Turkey.

Cockpit and final report

26.03.2019 | Publications

Switzerland in 2019 – European issues


The survey on Switzerland in 2019 explores Swiss voters’ opinions about bilateral treaties with the European Union. It was carried out for the sixth time.

Brief report

22.03.2019 | Publications

Accompanying research for FMH 2018


Since 2011, gfs.bern has conducted representative surveys among hospital physicians who specialise in acute somatic disorders, rehabilitation, psychiatric care and outpatient services on behalf of FMH. The purpose of the study is to systematically capture and analyse the working conditions of the medical profession in Switzerland.


07.03.2019 | Publications

Swiss eHealth Barometer 2019

Swiss eHealth Forum

The digital transformation is leaving its marks on the healthcare system. That is the result of repeated surveys of healthcare professionals and the Swiss population. The internet has become as popular a source of healthcare information as television, for instance. More and more people are willing to share and save digital information. Healthcare professionals are increasingly open towards the internet as an opportunity for the public, and more healthcare institutions are adopting eHealth strategies.

Cockpit survey among healthcare professionals
Cockpit survey among the populace

01.12.2018 | Publications

Credit Suisse 2018 ‘Worry Barometer’

Credit Suisse Schweiz

The Credit Suisse 2018 ‘Worry Barometer’ shows that the Swiss population views old-age pensions, healthcare and health insurance as the most urgent problems facing Switzerland this year. The annual study has captured and monitored the opinions of Swiss voters since 1976. It has been conducted by gfs.bern since 1995.

Cockpit and final report

06.11.2018 | Publications

Credit Suisse 2018 Progress Barometer

Credit Suisse Schweiz

The Credit Suisse Progress Barometer measures Switzerland’s capacity for progress in the fields of business, society and politics by means of a survey conducted among the population and opinion leaders.

Cockpit und final report

20.09.2018 | Publications

Credit Suisse 2018 Youth Barometer

Credit Suisse Schweiz

The Credit Suisse Youth Barometer provides insights into the lifestyle and opinions of young people in the United States, Brazil, Singapore and Switzerland. It asks people between the ages of 16 and 25 about their hopes, wishes for the future, worries and their social environment. The survey further captures what they consider fashionable and what outdated, how they communicate and how they stay up-to-date on current affairs. The Youth Barometer is designed as an annual survey, which makes it possible to incorporate time-based questions. The 2018 survey is the eighth round since 2010.

Cockpit und final report

06.07.2018 | Publications

Participative dialogue for Biel

City of Biel

In the context of a complete overhaul of the statute of Biel, the city council decided on 16 March 2017 to launch a project dubbed ‘Public dialogue on the complete overhaul of the city statute’ (‘Öffentlicher Dialog zur Totalrevision Stadtordnung’). It has developed 13 concrete reform proposals. gfs.bern was hired to present those proposals to the citizens of Biel in a suitable format and organise the participatory dialogue between the city and its populace.

Final report