What conditions are conducive to political campaigns?

What conditions are conducive to successful political campaigns?

01.10.2019 | Urs Bieri

Political campaigns are often under-analysed. This is a wasted opportunity on part of the political players.

Political communication never occurs in isolation. It often interacts with existing values and attitudes. Communication takes place in a specific social climate, and it challenges patterns of conflict at the level of the opinion-leading elites. The complex interdependencies that exist between those factors and the intended message usually make a thorough analysis of your own communication indispensable. We have a wide range of tools to produce insightful evaluations for you: depending on the target group and purpose of the communication material, you can benefit from the likes of focus group interviews, topical analyses, surveys and data models.

Urs Bieri has written an article on political campaigning for the magazine ‘Die Volkswirtschaft’, published by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). His piece explains how gfs.bern approaches the topic. Click here to read the full article in German.