The Europe Survey 2022 shows uncertainties among the Swiss population

05.03.2022 | Urs Bieri on behalf of Interpharma

Swiss voters show they are uncertain where the journey with the European Union is leading and where it should lead. But the majority don’t want to go back on the advantages of the current bilateral agreements.

Much has happened around the further development of the Bilateral Agreements between Switzerland and the European Union. Negotiations and attempts to balance domestic policy have been conducted and broken off. Discussions on the European external borders are pending.

The actual “red line” from the point of view of the Swiss population is becoming more and more apparent: majorities of the population do not want to go back on the benefits and advantages of the current treaties – unchanged by the dynamics of the discussion in recent years.

In return, the population is prepared to make compromises – as long as the right of referendum is guaranteed and the EU Citizenship Directive is not simply adopted.

More in the short report (in German) on this year’s European survey commissioned by Interpharma.

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Urs Bieri

Urs Bieri