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The new politicisation of the young

01.10.2019 | Cloé Jans

Youth culture has been an apolitical sphere for several generations, but Gen Z have been hitting the streets again. What happened? Are our young people becoming politicised?

Politics and political research has shown that young people are less frequently involved in formal politics than adults are. Only around 30% of people aged 18 to 24 voted in the Swiss federal elections in 2015. It is a common cliché that young people don’t care about politics. Instead, they spend hours on Instagram, flex their muscles at the gym or hang around small-town railway stations smoking cigarettes. Their involvement in clubs and associations is at a record low, and social causes are irrelevant to them. How does this fit in with the pictures we’re actually seeing in the news: hordes of young people waving banners with political messages? Are we witnessing the rise of a new political generation?

Cloé Jans has published an article on the new politicisation of the young in the Credit Suisse bulletin. Read the full text in German here.