Survey on Swiss-EU relations after breakdown in negotiations

05.03.2022 | gfs.bern sur mandat d'Interpharma

On behalf of Interpharma 2003, we surveyed Swiss voters on questions concerning relations between Switzerland and the EU.

This survey was conducted more than six months after the breakdown of negotiations on the institutional framework agreement, before the Federal Council’s announcement of its new EU strategy and before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The results show that the general view of the bilateral agreements is stable and remains broadly positive. The bilateral agreements are seen to offer a great variety of advantages, whether for business and Switzerland’s position as a research hub, or in terms of easier travel or contributions to security and peace in Switzerland and Europe. A slim majority saw pressure on Swiss pay levels as a negative aspect.

You will find details in German in the short report.

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Urs Bieri

Urs Bieri