Study on plastic consumption: Strong awareness of the problem among the Swiss resident population

31.10.2022 | Adriana Pepe, GFS Bern

Almost three quarters of the Swiss resident population perceives a plastic problem.

In addition to perception, the study on plastic consumption also examines the behaviour and approaches desired by politicians among the Swiss population in connection with the consumption of and pollution by plastic. The results show:

Although the consumption of plastic tends to be underestimated, Switzerland has a plastic problem for almost three quarters of the resident population. The plastic problem is mainly associated with (unnecessary) packaging, everything to do with disposal and recycling, and pollution of nature, the sea or other bodies of water such as lakes. Although the population tends to think that responsibility lies at the individual and economic level, a majority is in favour of legally binding measures at the national level. Switzerland’s role in negotiating the first international, legally binding plastics agreement is viewed differently by the population. Half of the population would like Switzerland to play a pioneering role, while the other half is satisfied with Switzerland’s involvement.

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Adriana Pepe

Junior Project Manager