Swiss eHealth Barometer 2021: pandemic reinforces openness to digital solutions in healthcare.

04.06.2021 | gfs.bern on behalf of InfoSocietyDays

Health workers are increasingly resorting to analogue methods of transmitting data in times of crisis.  On the other hand, telemedicine is experiencing an upswing in practices.  Acceptance of the storage of health data is increasing among the population. In the medium term, the pandemic may yet prove to be a catalyst for digitisation in the Swiss healthcare system.

For the eHealth Barometer 2021, 1,573 health professionals and stakeholders as well as 1,211 Swiss residents were surveyed. The following main findings were obtained: The coronavirus is reducing the pace of digitalisation in the healthcare sector. Even if the exchange of data among health professionals often took place electronically, traditional channels such as personal conversations, the telephone or the fax machine were still frequently used. It is possible that standardised channels of exchange were increasingly used during the hectic crisis period. However, the pandemic also increased the population’s readiness for digitisation in general and for the electronic patient dossier. The latter is still seen by the majority of health professionals as a good thing, even if reservations have developed in the hospitals along with the first experiences of the EPD.

You can see the results of this year’s study in the final reports:

Health Professionals: Cockpit (in Germand) and final report (in German)

Population: Cockpit (in German) and final report (in German)

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Lukas Golder

Lukas Golder