Monitor Nutrition and Exercise 2021

30.09.2021 | gfs.bern on behalf of Informationsgruppe Erfrischungsgetränke

The measures that applied during the survey period in the fight against the pandemic got Swiss voters thinking: their interest in and awareness of the importance of nutrition and exercise is increasing.  Consumers should continue to have the last word.  Prevention of intervention. There should continue to be no attempts to influence dietary habits through taxes.   Colour coding is becoming increasingly popular.

The Nutrition and Physical Activity Monitor was conducted for the eighth time in 2021. The aim is to observe the social attitudes of the voting population towards health, nutrition and physical activity over time. The focus is on attitudes to nutrition, emerging political issues and expectations of politics and the economy.

Detailed evaluations can be found in the cockpit (in French and German) and in the final report (in German).

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Cloé Jans

Cloé Jans

Operations Manager and Media Spokeswoman