Europe-wide gfs.bern survey: majority in favour of Frontex and also of more direct democracy on fundamental issues

17.05.2022 | gfs.bern on behalf of Meisser Economics and the Direct Democracy Foundation

A Europe-wide survey by gfs.bern in collaboration with Meisser Economics and the Direct Democracy Foundation shows that the majority of voters in the European Union would support an expansion of Frontex in a ballot.

They use a similar argument to the one used in Switzerland on the concrete Frontex referendum. Questions of cost are confronted with security issues, while ethical issues are considered slightly less important. Most people are not aware of the current criticism of Frontex.

EU citizens are evidently able to get an idea of the situation from political information and ultimately reach a decision. The wish expressed by the great majority of the EU population to do this regularly at European level thus appears to be well-established.

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Urs Bieri

Urs Bieri