Covid law comparison June and November: conservative cantons of German-speaking Switzerland tilt to Yes.

28.11.2021 | Cloé Jans, GFS Bern

The Data Science Team of gfs.bern already reported at 12.30 p.m. that 63 percent of Swiss voters are in favour of the Federal Council’s Covid law. On voting day today, the vocal minority were defeated by the shy but steadfast majority.

While French-speaking Switzerland is voting less in favour of this latest Covid bill compared to June, the opposite is true in German-speaking Switzerland. Especially in the (conservative) cantons of central Switzerland, an increase compared to June is visible. In June, for example, the canton of Glarus rejected the Covid law with 49.1 per cent. Today, the canton voted in favour with 54 per cent. This is probably also due to the fact that the agricultural bills mobilised more strongly in rural parts of Switzerland in June. No such effect can be observed today, Sunday. While voters in the countryside turned out in similar numbers as in June, the turnout in the agglomerations and cities is higher this Sunday.

The opponents are extremely well mobilised and very present. However, the presence of the “no” side meets a “yes” side that is very strongly predisposed thematically. This means that the supporters have known for a very long time and very definitely that they will vote Yes. The certificate was at the centre of the debate. There is a very clear correlation between the vaccination rate and the Yes vote per canton.

Or to put it another way: on today’s voting day, the loud minority had to admit defeat by the reserved but steadfast majority.

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Cloé Jans

Cloé Jans

Operations Manager and Media Spokeswoman