2nd SRG trend survey on the referendum of 26 September 2021

15.09.2021 | gfs.bern on behalf of SRG SSR

Voter turnout about 45 % | 1 x Yes, 1 x No.

If the vote had already been held on 5 September 2021, the amendment to the Swiss Civil Code (marriage for all) would have been accepted and the popular initiative “Relieve wages, tax capital fairly” would have been rejected. Both proposals were caught up in a “no” trend during the main campaign phase.

Voter turnout would have averaged 45 per cent and increased only weakly over the course of the campaign.

In the Cockpit(in French and German), in addition to the results in the overview, you will also find background information on the proposals of 26 September 2021 and on the theory and method of the SRG referendum survey.

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Lukas Golder

Lukas Golder