2nd SRG trend survey on federal referendum of 28 November 2021

17.11.2021 | gfs.bern on behalf of SRG SSR

Voter turnout 51 % | 2 x Yes and 1 x No.

If the vote had already been held on 7 November 2021, the care initiative and the amendment to the Covid 19 Act would have been adopted, while the justice initiative would have been rejected. The turnout would have been an above-average 51 percent.

In the main phase of the referendum campaign, the two initiatives experienced a polarisation of opinion towards the No vote. In the case of the justice initiative, a solid “no” trend emerged; in the case of the care initiative, this trend only diminished the high level of approval. Voting intentions on the amendments to the Covid 19 Act are ostensibly proving to be stable. However, the trends in the subgroups reflect the emotionalisation of the lead proposal of 28 November 2021, which is also visible in the media.

In the cockpit (in French and German), in addition to the results in the overview, you will also find background information on the proposals of 28 November 2021 and on the theory and method of the SRG referendum survey.

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Lukas Golder

Lukas Golder