1st SRG trend survey on the federal referendum of 13 June 2021

07.05.2021 | gfs.bern on behalf of SRG SSR

Voter turnout approx. 52 % | Yes to all proposals

If the vote had already been held on 23 April 2021, all federal bills of 13 June 2021 would have been adopted. The authorities’ position would have prevailed on the Covid Act, the CO2 Act and the Terrorism Act. The Drinking Water Initiative and the Pesticide Initiative would have been adopted against the will of the Federal Council and Parliament.

Voter turnout would have been an above-average 52 percent.

In addition to the detailed results, the Cockpit (in French and German) also contains background information on the proposals, the theory and the method of the SRG referendum survey.

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Lukas Golder

Lukas Golder