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Information on market and social research and on the processing of your personal details and answers
February 2009 edition
Appendix III of the collective brand regulations for vsms swiss interview institute®

Why do we need market and social research?
Market and social research allows a wide range of information on personal, economic, cultural and political life to be collected.

Such information gives us a better understanding of how we live together as a society in this country, and how people think and act. Companies utilise market research to clarify questions on consumer and purchasing behaviour, thus allowing them to react better to the needs and wishes of the consumers. Not only companies, organisations and associations, but also political decision-makers, parties and councils make wide-ranging decisions based on up-to-date, reliable information which can only be obtained using market and social research methods.

Who is vsms swiss interview institute®?
Market and social research institutes which bear the collective registered trademark of vmsm swiss interview are subject to strict rules defined by Swiss and international norms and standards (you can find out more online at www.vsms-asms.ch).

This brand indicates
  • high levels of quality and security
  • sound, scientific methods
  • specialist expertise
  • credibility and reliability.

The market and social interviews within the collective brand guarantee that no interviews are carried out for evident or concealed advertising, sales or ordering purposes.

Why is your opinion so important?
A survey gives you the opportunity to express your own personal opinion. This is both important and necessary, for example for:
  • formation of political opinions in democratic Switzerland
  • recording of social and cultural changes
  • evaluation and optimisation of products and services

Why are you being surveyed?
For organisational reasons and reasons of time and money, market and social research never covers the entire population, but always only a group of people randomly selected in accordance with a scientific method. And you belong to this group.

We would like to thank you for taking part in the survey. Participation is, of course, voluntary. You also have the right to know what is done with your personal information and answers.

What happens to your personal data?
Surveys are all about finding out what the selected people think about specific issues. The responses of all those taking part are incorporated in the analysis with no names, addresses or telephones. Instead they are grouped according to specific characteristics, such as 'Male/Female', '15 - 39 year olds / 40 to 79 year-olds'. This is why we ask for your sex, age, school education and income.

The information obtained from the survey is only forwarded on to the client in anonymised form.

And how is your personal data secured against misuse?
The member institutes of the collective brand guarantee the complete security of your personal data. In particular, the institutes undertake to ensure that
  • you are clearly and comprehensibly informed about the purposes of the questionnaire;
  • your name, your address, your telephone number and other personal data are used exclusively for the purpose of market and social research and will not be passed on to the client or third parties without your explicit consent;
  • no client or third party can find out how you answered the questions without your explicit consent;
  • your personal data is retained within the market and social research institute for monitoring purposes and is always kept separate from your answers.

How can I tell which institutes sign up to the collective brand?

«Anonymity guaranteed by association guidelines.»