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About us
gfs.bern specialises in two key areas of social research: politics and communications research. Based on our knowledge of the political arena and the opinion-making processes related to topics and issues, we have developed a systematic understanding of public opinion and gained more in-depth knowledge of the processes involved.

We combine surveys of internal and external target groups and media content analyses to produce an evidence-based contribution to strategy definition and communication control.
  • A step ahead
Innovative applied social research with clear specialisation on political and communications research in Switzerland.
  • Understanding media-influenced opinion forming
Analysis of opinion-forming and information processes based on questionnaires and media content analyses.
  • Open and ready for dialogue
Clear, factual dialogue with our customers, contact groups and practical, comprehensible communication of our findings, including through the mass media.
  • Sharing knowledge
Commitment to education and further development of our skills in terms of analysis and evaluation in order to share our knowledge with the customers.
  • Encouraging young researchers
Annual work placement and continuing professional development for our employees.
  • Living history
Preserving the 50-year connection to the Schweizerische Gesellschaft für praktische Sozialforschung (GfS - Swiss Practical Social Research Association). Maintenance and development of established products such as VOX and worry barometers.
Principles of cooperation
  • Dialogue
We need to have a precise knowledge of your question so that we can ask the right questions for our analyses. Therefore we set great store by in-depth dialogue with you throughout the course of the project.
  • On time
We have a motivated team with a broad range of skills and all the infrastructure we need for research, analysis and questionnaires. This means we can answer even complex queries quickly.
  • Specific
We understand your questions and want to provide you with specific answers to them.